Friday, July 20, 2012

Trevy’s “peacock”



With an EEG coming up way too soon…



it was time to get a summer do



so off to Stephanie over at Fantastic Sam’s we went



she’s SO patient with all his sensory wiggly ways



and when he looks up rather than down she just giggles with me



and when he asks for a peacock (read: mohawk)



she turns him into the most adorable peacock you ever did see!





Brenda Rhodes said...

Oh, my Danielle, he is precious! Love the peacock!

Forgetfulone said...

He is adorable!

happy's mommy said...

I'm such a goober...I've been grinning since yesterday because he's SO darn adorable!


Mrs. M said...

Oh my goodness!
So cute!!!!
He looksso different .....much more big boy!

Neurotic Iraqi Mom said...

Love it! We can't take our son anywhere because of all his wiggling so today after almost three years, we cut his hair finally!