Sunday, August 5, 2012

it’s a tradition



Whenever Uncle B comes to town we pose for a new family photo.




He has a groovy camera and is a photo snapping fool.






I just uploaded 616 pictures, including one of our dog squatting!  LOL




I must confess, I was hoping to skip the family photo shoot tradition this year.



I just wasn’t feelin’ it.



This is where I confess it’s mostly because I can’t stand how chubby I am.  Ugh.




But Grams played the “I’m sick” card and twisted my arm until I cried “CHEESE”!




And now that I see how cute they are.  Well…I’m glad we kept the tradition!






**disclaimer – It was not all giggles and gumdrops for this photo shoot.  In fact, we all wanted to throttle each other while we waited a good 15 minutes for Uncle B’s lens to de-fog (it is stinking SOUPY here!).  Heat makes us cranky.  Don’t let Trevy the Rugrat fool you either.  He is only smiling because I’m tickling him.  But we really do love each other and we love laughing and Uncle B totally captured our spirits in these pics!**


Neurotic Iraqi Mom said...

A beautiful photo. And you do feel the love...

Mrs.M said...

They really are adorable!
Bristel is really changing and looking more school girl-ish all the time. Toby is leaving boy behind....not sure what term one would use. But he's really growing up too.
And Trevy...turkey! Too cute.
Glad you braved the lens. (I feel your pain, Sister!)

Barbara TherExtras said...

Does the tradition include having to be on the porch (fogged lens)?

Wonderful for me to see y'all again after so long. Meaning you ALL look good to me!

happy's mommy said...

Thanks, ladies! The Hubs and I do make little cuties!