Friday, August 17, 2012




Trevy to Uncle Byron: Dih-Doh (Bristel) hit me


Uncle Byron: Bristel hit you?




Bristel: Oh Trevor, stop taking all the credit! You hit me too!





I really should stop ignoring them so much.  On the way home from the wading pool Trevy was hollering in the back seat and I tuning him out.



According to Bristel he was hollering…



I nakey!



And sure enough, that’s how I found him.  He was already shirtless but somehow stripped off his bottoms with his seatbelt on and was beaming in all his birthday suit glory when we finally stopped.






Toby finds me in the kitchen and says with a sigh…



I’m glad I found you, Mom.  I need to talk to you.



Around a mouthful I ask ‘bout what.






He says.  With another melancholic sigh.  I don’t think I was supposed to snicker and choke.  But hey…it was cute.






Bristel and Toby have been nit-picking at each other all morning. Bristel disappeared outside for awhile and comes in to inform Toby:


I created a sword to defeat you with!


It's covered in spider webs and bird poop!






Bristel: Mom, if you were wondering where I was (which I wasn't...) I was in the basement looking at my baby clothes. They're SO cute it made me cry!


Yep, she's sappy like her mommy!





So last night at the beach there was this big burly dude (think biker…complete with handle bar ‘stash) sprawled out on his stomach reading the newspaper. Trevy notices him...dashes-too-quick-for-me-to-catch over...sprawls out on HIS tummy and nonchalantly says…



yeah, I five.





TMI alert


Trevy just woke up from his nap and the first thing we do is go potty always. Well, someone left a "gift" for us in the toilet. Trevy, who is already perched on the pot peeks down and sees it floating by and without missing a beat says...





Bristel's poop!




Bristel keeps saying, "it's smokin' hot outside". She's been on this kick for weeks now. Smokin’ hot this.  Smokin’ hot that.



IDKwhy...but it cracks me up!





Have I ever mentioned that I love being their mommy!?





Brenda Rhodes said...

I hear the same type of things often from my grandkids (and in thr past way long ago from my own kids) but something about the way you write them, and thinking of precious Trevy when he says them, just makes me smile all over! Thank you for making my day!

happy's mommy said...

Thanks, Brenda!

A long time ago, I started collecting these as a way to remind myself that inbetween the sad moments live the smiles too. I had stopped sharing them...but then one day Toby was reading my blog and laughing hysterically at their antics. And I thought...I really need to do this again. For him...for them...

I love that it makes others smile too!


Mrs. M said...

Funny little critters!
Thanks for sharing. A laugh and a smile on account of your kiddos is always a good thing!;)

The Scott Family said...

Love the random stories!!