Saturday, January 19, 2013

see, we’re not all wimps!



I have an IS daddy friend from Nebraska who likes to tease all the East Coasties in his life. 



This week was about us griping over the cold weather!









I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of my (crazy!) kid.  Shooting hoops in short sleeves, shorts and BARE feet! 



You’d never know it’s almost cold enough to snow today!



And thankfully, Trevy would rather snuggle in his jammies all day when it’s cold outside!  In fact, this morning when he let the doggie out (one of his chores) he said, “Too cooooold!”








Mrs. M said...

How cold is it? My east coaster warm weather friend...:)
It's so warm here! -5 C...23F. Seriously, we're all out without coats and loving it!

happy's mommy said...

We're in the 40s and it's FREEEZING!!!