Monday, February 4, 2013

dancing counts as PT (and PE if you happen to homeschool :)



Check out Trevy’s (and Toby’s) mad dance and booty shake moves!



Made you smile didn’t he?






ps.  Bet you can’t guess why his jammies are backwards! 


Megansmum said...

I LOVE this, Danielle, so cute. How is it, they all know how to do the booty shake so young? :) As for the backwards pjs.... did he want to be Kermit or Green lantern?
Fab as always, love keeping up with your news, it always makes me feel like there is someone out there who "gets it". Thanks as always.
Gayle xx

charity said...

he definetly made me smile. now is he wearing his jammies backwards because he keeps taking off his pull up or something

happy's mommy said...

It's really not that surprising why his jammies were backwards...


it was super funny! To me!

His big sister had a birthday sleepover and he kept strip dancing for the girls. Which of course had them in hysterics. I thought it was cute too. His booty shake is way more adorable in just his "Pully".

I had left the room and came back to find him with his jammies on backwards.

Daddy had enough of the stripping!

But it also does work as a great way to keep his pull up on too!