Thursday, April 4, 2013

it’s always a mixed bag…



His last “episode” was two Mondays ago.  That particular episode lasted much longer than the others and had me sending frantic emails to Nurse Neuro-Surge.  Maybe it’s the feeling deep-down that believes it’s pressure that had me freaking out?  All I know is that I was ready to race to the ER.  And in case you didn’t know…I LOATHE the ER.  I would only ever go there if I were seriously worried.  Which I was.



I decided to give it until after his nap.  If he woke up from his nap and was still off…we were going in.



Wouldn’t you know…



he woke up from his nap in an AMAZING mood!






And SO clear headed.



The Trevy I know and love.



We’ve been enjoying his sweet-silly-happy cocktail mood ever since!



Stretches like this make my heart soar with joy!!!  Soar, I tell you!



So how could I possibly resist taking a little clip of him rockin’ his sight word lesson for you?





I love the clearness in his eyes.  The unadulterated joy on his face.  And of course…the fact that he can READ!!!!



Um…helloooooooooooooooo??  Science????  Did you hear that???



My miracle boy can READ!!!!!



The thing with Trevy, though, is that it’s always a mixed bag.



For every miraculous video clip I’ve taken…there is an alter ego tear-my-heart-in-two-why-donchya one as well.



Miss. May May took the clip below during one of his episodes.





I can’t help but literally physically cringe as I watch him struggle to maintain his balance.  See the sluggishness of his movements.  Scream inside that something is WRONG!  So completely opposite of the video above. 



I’m not a fan of mixed bags.



But if forced to try and find the silver lining I would have to add that…



Dr. Brain in Boston watched the clip and seemed very convinced that the evidence is indeed pointing to pressure rather than seizures.



You might be a Seizure Mommy if…



you consider your child possibly needing a shunt to be “silver lining”.  Because the alternative (med resistant cognitive development stealing seizures) is more than you even want to allow yourself to imagine.



***editor’s note***  It’s not that I believe in jinxes, mind you.  But guess who’s a cranky pants today?  Maybe next time I should stick to just sharing the sappy stuff!   In love




Mrs. M said...

Oh Danielle! Look at cute & proud during his sight words!!!

It brought tears to watch him just slow down in that hall way...& when he turned the corner & entered the classroom....*sigh* :(
Brad and I were both watching these and both cheered for Trevy & then heart sunk for #2 makes ya catch your breath doesn't it?
Praying the best of this comes through for Trevor.

teamaidan said...

That reading clip is fabulous!! So exciting and ugh to the rest of it and what weird thing to be glad for but I'm glad for you too in a weird way that it's a problem that can be solved.