Wednesday, April 3, 2013

six things



I started a new tradition this year.  Listing things I love about my kids on their birthday.  I number according to the age they happen to be turning.  Toby and Bristel already had their turn.  And it served to prove that they were not switched at birth.  They’re way too sappy like me to belong to anyone else!



Today is Trevy’s turn.



Today, my little baby turns six.







I love your sense of humor.  You have a way of finding the funniest things hilarious and it’s contagious.  And no matter how many times you add “poop” to the end of a sentence or a song…somehow it never gets old.  You have the best belly laugh ever!






I love your snuggles.  I know you’re getting bigger.  And maybe the day will come that you won’t want to snuggle any more.  But for now, you still climb in my lap and cuddle me up.  And I love every second of it!






I love the way your eyes sparkle!


You have the most amazing, soulful eyes!






I love your smile that lights up the whole world around you.







I love your tenacity.


When you really want something nothing can stop you!






I love the way you communicate with us.  The way you use your words and your eyes and your body to express your thoughts is amazing and beautiful!  The way you figured out how to make your little fingers say I love you could melt the hardest of hearts!





Bottom line…you are AMAZING and I LOVE being your mommy!



Happy Birthday Trevy!


charity said...

happy birthday trevy

Mrs. M said...

Happy Birthday Trevy. Mr. 6yrs!
Hope you had the best birthday and enjoyed your Thomas cake. It looks delish!