Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kinda makes ya believe in God.




(You can’t get more RI than that – island honey for him; Dunkin Dark for me!)


Kinda makes ya believe in God is my pet phrase whenever something really cool happens. Like the time we were in the hospital with Trevy right next door to a Burundian refugee family. Fresh off the plane from Tanzania (where the refugee camp was located) and speaking zero English but lots of Swahili. Their daughter was very sick and the nurses were frustrated by the language barrier vs. the medical needs. It was cool (in that kinda makes you believe in God sorta way) watching their jaws drop when we told them we'd be happy to translate. I guess we don't look like the average Swahili speaker.


Then there was the time Toby's coach donated enough travel points to not only fly us to Detroit for our (nightmare miracle) surgical consult but also put us up in a swanky hotel too! Sitting in the VIP room of the Marriott in downtown Detroit totally gave us that "kinda makes ya believe in God" vibe.


We always enjoy those moments when they come.


Last week we had another God moment. A friend felt impressed to pick up local honey for Trevy.  She’d noticed on FaceBook that I was exploring natural treatments for Trevy’s ever increasing allergies.  The poor kiddo’s face looked like he’d lost a brawl after an outdoor PE session at school!  So our friend picked up some local honey for us to try and help him feel better.  The bottle was small though and she happens to know the owners of Aquidneck Island Honey so she asked if they sell larger jars. This prompted a conversation which ended with a promise to give (that's right, GIVE) our family a quart of honey for Trevy! They even went so far as to promise us refills too!  I don't know about you but that kinda makes me believe in God!







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