Monday, July 15, 2013

what you can’t see, CAN hurt you!



As a result of Trevor's brain surgery, he lost vision in the right peripheral field of both eyes.  It’s called Hemianopsia and Wiki can tell you all about it.



He navigates so well that it's what I call a "hidden or sneaky disability".




Until he runs smack into a pole at summer camp and gets a ginormous goose egg over his right eye!


Poor baby, his aide said he hardly cried at the time or on the way home.  The accident happened right before go home time.  I guess he saved all his tears up for me.  Because the minute he opened the door he just melted into a sobbing puddle. He was exhausted and I'm sure, frustrated.


It's not fair when things that you DON’T EVEN SEE smack you in the noggin'!


But the good news is…he received a 4 week partial camp scholarship this summer.  That means he’ll have plenty of time to learn his way AROUND all the poles!



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findingstrengthtostandagain said...

Oh my goodness... I know how he feel with these incidents. I lost my complete left peripheral. One thing I speak about to groups is whether it is better to have invisible illnesses or have them displayed for people to notice. Though sight loss is not an "illness" it can be just as trying. Tell him next time to scold that pole for jumping out into his way!