Thursday, September 19, 2013

six years later…


A friend recently asked me to share Trevor's story (thus far) in a video. She's a professor of psychology and thought it could have an impact on her class. I did the best I could with the tools at my disposal. For once, I was kicking myself for not getting that MAC.  I was even tempted to use iMovie on my iPod rather than messing with Windows Video Maker.  Somehow it came together.

I confess that it was harder than I thought going back in time like that. Difficult…but also healing.  It’s easy to get caught up in the sadness of the now and overlook the joy of how far you’ve come.

If someone had asked me to write the wildest script I could imagine for our family six and half years would not have come close to the path that has unfolded. Even though this journey with Trevy is very heavy and extraordinarily exhausting, we are SO thankful for where he is today. How far he's come. For the people who have come beside us to advocate for him and support and believe along side us.






Brian said...

Wonderful. You did an amazing job on the video and it was very emotional. . I'm so glad we found you. You really saved us when it all began for us. Trevy is one awesome kiddo and a very lucky one too. Love to you all from from your biggest fans..

Brenda Rhodes said...

Danielle,this is absolutely beautiful and heart breaking at the same time. I am so very thankful that you guys felt the need to fight for Trevor to get the surgery. I wonder if my doctor would have told me there
different......hopefully I would have before, I just dont know. Hopefully, this has helped someone else to know what they need to do to get a miracle boy just like you have. I have never met you, but you amaze me every
time you do a blog post. I pray for you guys, too. That Trevor is one amazing kid!!!

Sandra S. said...

Oh my your video is awesome. I feel like you spoke words that were in my mind but I never said about the journey to and after hemispherectomy. And although our situations are not exact I feel hope for our daughter through your sons brave journey. We are only 7 weeks post right functional hemispherectomy op, I have a new child. And those infantile spasms your son had fit my daughters seizures to a tee, although she was never diagnosed with IS. My daughter also went on with hundreds of seizures daily despite meds. She has never walked, but at 21 months of age I feel a lot of hope for her future through this story. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Danielle, it is "Our Sweet Sophie's" Grandma Debbie. As I watch, I weep tears of sadness and tears of joy! Much love to you, Trevy and all of your extended family.

happy's mommy said... you back. xoxo

@Brenda...I SO appreciate you and your love for our family!

@Sandra...the recovery is hard. SO hard. My husband and I both agree that it took Trevor a solid year just to heal physically. He made developmental gains but slowly. It was hard to see him look SO sick. Hold on to the miracle moments as much as possible. They'll help get you through the harder moments.

@Grandma Debbie...I LOVE Sweet Sophie and her beautiful family like they are my own! xoxo