Thursday, November 7, 2013

purple at our place

Our house has been VERY Purple the other morning.
Trevy was having a meltdown after meltdown over a variety of things kinda day. Mostly related to communication frustration. Which of course is related to his Purple. He's frustrated when we don't understand him. We're frustrated when he doesn't understand us. Lots of frustration round here, ya’ll.



I'm proud of Jonathan and I. We managed to keep our cools...which is very difficult when you're dealing with Meltdown Trevy. The only kid that got yelled at isn't Purple Boy. I won’t mention names but we only have two boys.



In the midst of Meltdown Mania we also had a Miracle Moment too.

Trevy came to the kitchen gate and in his own language asked for cereal and milk in the living room. I informed him he could have cereal but NOT milk in the living room. Which initiated a mini tantrum.

Then he said VERY clearly, Bristel HAVE milk! While pointing towards the living room. Making it clear that I was being unreasonably unfair in his mind.

I replied, Yes, well, Bristel doesn't spill everything so she's allowed to have milk in the living room.

I was braced for meltdown number 38467654379 of the morning.

But something very unexpected happened. He stood there wide-eyed, blinking at me. Clearly processing what I said. Maybe weighing it in his heart for fairness. And he must have decided I was right because he just quietly turned around and walked away! No meltdown! Not even when I handed him his milk free bowl of "Leaf" (Life)!



Take that Infantile Spasms! 





Kira Gartner said...

I have been reading your blog for many years, and fell in love with your family! Two months ago my 15-year old daughter developed epilepsy, and now I am reading with a new understanding. I happened to meet a friend of yours (another Danielle!) at a workshop last weekend about epilepsy & siblings, and your family was a prominent part of the presentation. After that, it felt important to say hello and tell you how valuable I have found your stories for the past several years, and how they have changed me as a person. Also, even though my daughter's seizures and epilepsy are very different than Trevy's (and well-controlled right now thank god), somehow reading about your experience made me know that I could get through it. Thank you - you were an angel on my shoulder!

And great story!

Kira Gartner

happy's mommy said... absolutely MADE my day! Thank you so much for your sweet words...and reading Trevy's story! It always surprises and warms my heart when I hear from people who read and connect with us.

SO happy your daughter is doing good! ((((hugs))))


Barbara TherExtras said...

Consistently Saying no to milk in the living room, explaining your reason - not only the height of strength but an expression of faith. From that- understanding. And "Leaf"! :-)

happy's mommy said...

@Barbara...SO nice to hear from you! And your thoughts made my eyes water...because you're right and I hadn't really thought of it that way.