Thursday, September 17, 2015

just what he's made of

I wish I could have video taped Trevor from start to finish of his dental appointment this morning. He was THAT hilarious. One of my favorite moments was right at the beginning when he hygienist asked him what his birthday is. After responding, Trevor immediately turned and asked the hygienist what HIS birthday is. He also told him he loves Taylor Swift, that a new Mary Poppins movie is coming out and just about every other life detail of import to him. He even managed to get x-rays taken for the very first time! At our last dental appointment we discussed sedation being a likely possibility to accomplish this. Then, in classic Trevy form, he goes and shows just what he's made of.

I sat in the "mommy chair" beaming like a fool.

He is so full of joy and life and curiosity and rich beauty.

On days like today I wouldn't wish him to be any different.

Of course that's balanced against last night. I paused to watch him as he slept and noted with a pit in my stomach that his legs involuntarily kicked every five minutes or so. It's probably nothing. Restless leg syndrome. Dreams. An itch. At least that's what I told myself. But I also begged God to keep him healthy. In which healthy means free of uncontrolled seizures. For the sake of my heart.

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