Tuesday, October 13, 2015

disposing of boogers is a sign of true love


Jonathan helps him go potty and brush his teeth.

I playfully chase him upstairs and then snuggle up in his bed to read a story, pray, kiss, hug and nose kiss. All of these steps must be followed or there will be no sleeping happening.

From the doorway I turn and answer his "I love you, goodnight" with my own "I love you, goodnight". Often this is repeated multiple times. If I don't answer him he'll just continue to call over and over and over and over and...

Once I know he's content and that I've wished him a satisfactory "I love you, good night", I'll turn to leave. As I do, I know that I'll hear his sweet, little boy voice saying, "Oh my" or "Oh no". I swear I hear a smirk in its lilt too.

And every.single.night he holds up a booger for me to dispose of.

If this isn't love...


Brenda said...

Yep. That's love. And it's what us Moms and Grans do. But I gotta tell Ya, I was so happy when they got to the point that they didn't blow 2 lbs of snot out when they sneezed!!! Mouth sneezing wins over nose sneezing anyway! Lots less licking. And they all lickit! lol what's a mom to do?

happy's mommy said...