Monday, May 30, 2016

a budding ornithologist

We like to blame Trevy for our anti-social ways, but the truth of the matter is...

we just aren't cook-out-party people.

We're spend Memorial Day somewhere quiet and peaceful people.

Like nature hiking, for instance.

It was exquisitely peaceful and joyful.

At one point I asked Jonathan if it was weird that I, literally, feel myself healing from the inside out when we're hiking. He assured me that he'd recently read and article that agrees with me. Not that I need science to have my back, mind you.

Barely had we started down the trail when we heard the very distinctive call of the red-winged blackbird. Trevor immediately identified it. He delights in birds. As we walked I shared with him that science is the study and observation of the world God created for us to enjoy, like birds. I taught him the big science word for people who love and study birds, Ornithologist. 

Can you say that big word, I asked.

His attempt was speech challenged adorable.

You're an Ornithologist, I informed him.

I know, he grinned, I love birds! And with that he skipped ahead to puddle jump with his "bunny foo foo powers". 

My heart squeezed. 

I don't know what the Lord has in store for Trevor's future.

I don't know if he'll ever read past a Kindergarten level...

or do math figures at a level that would allow him independence...

or speak in smooth grammatically complete sentences.

But I do know that intelligence exists in different forms and this little boy can identify a variety of birds from the very first note of their song.

**photo credit goes to his sister, who is a budding national geographic photographer**

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