Saturday, July 16, 2016

just a random saturday thought

I convinced Jonathan to visit an estate sale with me this morning. 

I was looking for a small bookshelf.

I found one.

I also found books to fill it.

And beautiful paintings.

And little thises and thats.

I felt like a cheap skate because I got it all for a steal at $40. Also a little sacrilegious to be prowling through the belongings of someone who is gone. But the paintings made me weep a little. And the books I chose filled my soul with joy. And the little thises and thats are meaningful. I thought to myself that I hope someday when I'm gone, a mom like me will rifle through my things and weep and rejoice and enjoy.

On the ride home I thanked my husband for letting me buy so many things. Particularly more books. I have truly become a book hoarder.

His response, "I kinda love this Charlotte Mason thing you're doing." 

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