Tuesday, October 25, 2016

bagels and pranks

I couldn't decide between captioning this photo "The Trouble with Independence" or "Why Trevy isn't Ready to Stay Home Alone...and May Never Be" or "Special Needs Prankster".

Bristel left her bagels on the counter to be creamed while we ran downstairs for a quick lesson on using the washing machine. I'd left Trevor upstairs with his brother. They were both busy doing meaningful things and I thought the couple minutes it'd take would be too short for mischief. 

I realised my mistake when Trevor's cheeky giggle came floating down the stairs ahead of him. The basement is accessible right off the kitchen. He was descending while carrying (precariously, I might add!) the plate he'd prepared for his sister. When asked what in the world he was thinking, his response was simply, "Me think it be yummy!" The twinkle in his eye coupled with his unwillingness to taste his creation begged to differ. The jury is out on whether this was an intentional prank or just a thoughtful mishap. Though leaning towards the former. 

He makes me laugh and surprises me daily.  

And actually, I was very impressed with how nice and neat the plate looked. Not that long ago there would have been Ranch and mustard from one end the kitchen to the other! We've lost many a whole bottle of liquid kids' soap because he couldn't resist the urge to "squeeze whole thing". This prank showed a lot of imagination AND self-restraint.

It's all about the inchstones. 

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