Wednesday, October 26, 2016

no second thoughts for him

My super power is self-doubt and second guessing. It can eat me for breakfast if I'm not careful. Which is why I make an effort to fill my heart with Truth and lovely things to build immunity against wallowing in the sludge of my own head. Even still...sometimes my flesh is weak.

Today was a self-doubt day.

I worried about bills. I worried about college for kids and how to fund it. I worried about bills. I worried about this and about that. I worried about Trevor. I worried about my choice to home educate him and was it the best or am I failing him.

He has a way of always proving me wrong exactly when I need it.

This is a picture of today's copywork...

And this is a picture from the beginning of the year...

Today's was incredibly beautiful and shows tangible improvement from the beginning of the year. It made me a big sap ball. He LOVES making me sappy. Which only intensifies the sap-fest. I mean, seriously, how can I not weep when he's blinking those wide, sparkling eyes at me? When he pulses with joy and pride, knowing that he's made mommy sappy with his work. Knowing that I love him. That I'm FOR him. That I'm proud of him.

That moment was soul food for me today.

The improvement in his work was reassuring, but mostly my heart sang by embracing the trust and joy he offers me. And one things for sure, he has ZERO second thoughts. 

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