Wednesday, November 9, 2016

read alouds and nature hikes

Nature hikes and read alouds have become an important part of our lifestyle thanks to my infatuation with one Miss. Charlotte Mason. 

I've been surprised with how much Trevor loves our nature expeditions. The heat holds him back during the warm months, but once the air gets chilly his stamina increases. He's usually the one begging to go for a nature hike

I've been equally impressed with how much he loves reading aloud...and books, generally. 

We recently started reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe during our daily morning meeting. The morning meeting is when all of us gather in the living room for "together work". Last week we read the part where Edmund meets the White Witch who was riding by in her sleigh.

During our walk today, Trevor plopped himself in this hollowed out tree, which with applied imagination does resemble a sleigh, and declared...

Look me! I'm the witch from Narnia!

Trying to pull an oral narration from this child is a form of cruel and unusual torture...for both of us! But he is clearly receiving and thinking about so much more than his words can express. These are the moments that validate my educational choice for him and keep my heart hoping.

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