Tobin came to find me; the boys had been playing Mario Kart. His face was grim; his eyes sad. I knew his words before he uttered them. Even still, I waited. I know how important it is to have someone bear this sorrow with you.

He'd held Trevor through a seizure. He'd felt his brother's body pulsing. He tried to talk to him even though he was unresponsive.

My shoulders like lead, I dropped what I was working on. Trevor was sitting Indian style, quiet and placid after the storm, on a turquoise IKEA chair. When he noticed me, he reached his left arm out for a hug. His right arm remained limp at his side. Probably still weak from the seizure.

I wrapped my arms around his little body and asked him if it was over. His head nodded yes against my shoulder. I felt his left hand softly patting my back in a way that seemed as if he were trying to comfort me

These moments are dripping with dread and sweet sadness.

And ever my heart cries out...

Even so come. 

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