five books at nap time

Trevor doesn't really nap nap anymore, but he fatigues and so do I, which is why I still require him to have an hour rest time each day. From 1-1:45 he is allowed to "read" in bed. At 1:45 he can holler down the stairs for his iPad. And trust me, at precisely 1:45 every.single.day his little voice comes floating down the stairs. "Oh, Mommmmmmy, it's time! Mooooommy!" Usually one of his siblings delivers it to him. Big kids are so handy. He can then have his iPad in bed until he's ready to get up; usually around 2:30ish.

Trevor is a creature of habit. One his habits is grabbing books to bring to bed. I used to keep cute little, pre-filled bags of books. It was so nice and easy. He could choose a bag and wha-lah, we're done. Evidently, he's decided that's for babies and he's not a baby anymore. He made quite the convincing case that since he's a big boy now, he should get to choose his own books. I've agreed and a crate of books now lives beside his bed. The crate is filled with books I know he loves or is able to read independently. He's allowed to choose five.

Today, as he was grabbing his five books, a Puppy Mudge book fell out of the crate into his stack. Puppy Mudge has been a favorite friend for awhile now. He picked it up and considered it thoughtfully before saying something that nearly blew me over while simultaneously melting my heart.

"I don't want this one, Mom. It's too easy to read. I like long books now."

And with that he grabbed Go, Dog, Go as his fifth and final nap time read.

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