when Bach is smiling

The last three days have brought a bit of a reprieve. He only had one seizure each day (that we observed) and they were quite mild. 

Today, three horrible tonic-clonics savaged him before lunch. 


In between the heartache we had this sweet adorable moment...

Me: Trevor, it's time for your Math test.

Trevor: Okay, Mom. Me can take it this way?

(observe the lounge chair style set up)

Me: Sure, but I want you to do your very best.

Him, clarifying: Like, no funny business?

Me: Right. No funny business.


Him: Can I draw Bach smiley faces on my test?

Me, biting back my smile: No, that would be classified as funny business.

Trevor: Okay


I let him add a Bach smiley face to his test AFTER it was complete. I love his interpretation of the wig. lol 


Brenda Rhodes said...

I like sitting in self made lounge chairs and making smiley faces too. I was just never imaginative enough to call them Bach Smiley faces. Smart kid. I'm so very sorry about the seizures. I know as his momma this is tearing you apart. I'm adding him (and you) to my daily prayers if that's ok. He is such a little cutie!!!

Danielle said...

Absolutely. There are never too many people praying for us. xo