my bird best

He's been super competitive lately. Which is cute. 

Even still, I'm not sure how I feel about the sassy nature of his words towards his sister this morning... 

Let's have a competition. See whose bird best! 

I know I'm mom, but I adore her drawing style. 

She declined, having inherited her mother's competition averse nature. It didn't stop him from later assessing both of their entries and declaring his the winner. 

His drawing includes an Eastern Bluebird, a nest, and mistletoe berries.

I do wholeheartedly agree with him that his bird is "sooooo cute" but his sister's is equally adorable. 

Nature journaling never fails to provide me with an *I heart homeschooling* moment. 

For the curious, once a week-ish we'll read from Birds Every Child Should Know while they add a sketch into their nature journal. We also use the Audubon iPad app to learn more about the bird, listen to their calls, and use the image to guide our drawing.

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