Brain Surgery

A video I developed for a friend who is a professor of psychology gives a good nutshell of our journey:

My Recommended Resources...
  • Graphic & Gruesome Pictures of Trevy's brain tissue - because I believe in full disclosure 
  • Understanding Grid Placement - children who do not have a clear focus often will need an invasive EEG or Grids.  This a procedure where the skull is opened and a plastic sheet of electrodes are placed directly on the brain thus ensuring the most accurate of data.  This is a very informative and graphic video clip detailing the procedure. 
  • A Medical Miracle - another little boy's success story with the same Hope Team as Trevy   
  • A Guide to Brain Anatomy, Function and Symptoms -an easy to digest breakdown of the brain 
  • The Brain that Changes Itself  
  • Harry Chugani (or Dr. Rockstar) - while he is not the only neurologist, he is the most aggressive when it comes to rescuing babies from Infantile Spasms.  He continues to promote research and extraordinary measures of intervention for children suffering from chronic, catastrophic epilepsy.  Our family will always have a deep connection with him for the part he played in advocating surgery for Trevor.     

Our Hemi Story...

A Hemispherectomy - the removal of an entire hemisphere of the brain - is the most radical brain surgery in neuro science today.

October 6th, 2009 Trevor began the first stage (intercranial EEG) of this radical intervention to rescue him from his Seizure Monster - Infantile Spasms.  For three days he remained mostly sedated with the grids collecting essential data from their placement directly on his brain.  On October 9th, 2009, Trevor underwent the second phase of his Seizure Monster Slaying.  A 10 hour surgery which brought our 2 year old so close to death that it required two transfusions just to keep him alive on the table. I am linking in chronological order some of the posts and pictures which I journaled while living through our nightmare miracle.  For the extended blow by blow click here and you can scroll through all posts tagged brain surgery.