the big b-day

the zoo & the no balloons allowed policy
the sister & the bear
the fishies & the one year old
the daddy & the lunch with the elephants
the pose & the pig
the birthday boy
the swings
& the smiles
the birthday boy & the balloons cause we're at home
the cake & the whatm' I supposed to do now
the *hmmmmmmm*
& the *yuuuuuuuuum*

the birthday boy & the presents

The End

Until the mom posts the vids...


labonte4 said...

Happy Birthday Trevor! Looks like a really fun day for everyone.

~Mama Skates~ (aka Sharon) said...

we adore the zoo & r in need of another zoo fix soon! :0) looks like a fun, fun day - happy bday to the big boy!

and no, not desperate or strange at all - makes perfect sense to me! ;0)

have a fantastic weekend!

JSmith5780 said...

What a fun day!

Hope Trevor has a GREAT second year!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Thanks everybody!


Dawson said...

Happy belated birthday Trevor. Looks like he had an awesome time

Jeff and Allison