lemonade & labs

Friday's appointments went well.

The lovely Dr. Neuro is very pleased with Trevor's progress. I think in a way she's surprised that he's still moving forward seizure free. Two months ago in her office her gut was telling her differently. But here we are...still no spasms.

Although it's way too soon in the process to let out a collective sigh of relief.

She said we'll be rescheduling an MRI sometime after Trevy's 18 months. We need to allow more time for his little brain to grow...so if there is a flaw it'll be easier to spot. My calm at having to shelve the test for now is crazy. I've never been very good at playing the waiting game. I was the kid who snooped out the Christmas presents...no hiding place could elude my detective*ish* skills. But somehow I'm okay with holding off. A few more months anyway.

We're all looking forward to the results from the B.E.A.M. study. June 19th is coming up quickly.

Dr. Neuro & her fellow (aka med. student) complimented the very essence of my being ::ahem:: blog. I tried to be modest...but I'm sure I glowed anyway. I've poured my heart & soul into this blog. In many ways, journaling our unfolding saga & providing informational links for other parents & connecting with other epilepsy families...has become my life-line. My swipe at keeping my sanity. My lemonade. But that's another post.

Of course...as luck would have it...we couldn't get Trev's genetic work up done. Fridays are bad for that I learned. Especially ones preluding holiday weekends.

But since we have our follow up with Dr. Tubes today anyway...we'll give it a go this trip.

We should hear back in about 3 weeks. Again...I'm honing my waiting skills! Someday all this patience I'm gaining will come in very handy indeed......


~Mama Skates~ said...

i heart your blog!

i know waiting is hard - but like u said, one day it'll b a breeze....i'm not very patient either - i usually just try and stay busy to distract myself....hope ur wait is a short one!


baby trevor's mommy said...


Thanks sharon! All the lovin' is much needed & appreciated today!


Shanna Grimes said...

Yes, playing the waiting game is never fun, but he is doing well, so that's always a good thing :) I hope it goes by fast.

Mmmm...lemonade sounds good ;P

baby trevor's mommy said...

Toby LOVES lemonade!

The waiting is getting easier all the time...I think! :o)