DNA diving

I was wrong.

When we bumped into Dr. Genetics at the zoo she didn't have results sparkling in her eyes. I guess it was just recognition. Which is nice, I suppose. That she'd know our family without sporting her white coat.

I know it was my imagination because I finally called last Friday afternoon. She had just gotten the results in that day.

The first line of genetic testing (for us...there seems to be no real protocol) was called micro array. This stuff is WAY over my head...but from what I understand they harvested several vials of Trevy blood & sent it off to a lab to be studied. Insert mental picture of a creepy dungeon filled with wild haired crazy eyed professors! They were micro-scoping for chromosomal oddities.

Trevor's DNA came back "normal - with slight variants".

Again...over my head.

::smile & sigh::

Dr. Genes said the abnormalities found were the kind she sees often...but that Jonathan & I will most likely need to contribute DNA as well. It's possible that one of us has the same variant.

We're now waiting for insurance approval to donate another Trevy sample - to test for Retts Syndrome.

After that I'm not sure we'll proceed with any further testing. Honestly, it's like a needle in a hay-stack...trying to find the one (possible) abnormal gene hiding in the 20,000 that make up our DNA. At $1500 a pop.

Recently I was chatting with another IS mommy about genetic testing. After chewing on her throughts for awhile I think I agree. Trevor is who he is. Exactly who he's supposed to be.

And today...I'm okay with that.

::sigh & smile::


JSmith5780 said...

It's so hard to know when to let go. I am stuck knowing Austin (and Jeff) have a TSC2 mutation, much like Kay does. We just don't know what it means. I figure we'll wade back into the DNA stuff 1) if it becomes absolutely necessary or 2) when Austin wants to be a dad, whicever comes first.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm in the same place. Someday we'll have to figure things out...but it doesn't have to be today. :O)