the perfect recipe

The Ingredients

  • 1 (1/2 hr. tardy) occupational therapist session

  • 1 physical therapy workout

  • EI case manager too **optional**

  • 1 missed nap

  • 4 hours of serious melt down by normally sweet daughter

  • 3 hours baseball camp

  • 1 barely remembered well-visit

  • 5 re-hashing's of Trevor's medical history with various specialists/doctors

  • 1 stressful moment explaining why you're choosing to wait on vaccinations

  • 1 teething baby

  • 3 phone calls to schedule various tests/appointments

  • A full day of sibling squabbling

Blend all ingredients randomly throughout your day & there you'll have it! The perfect recipe for a stressed out day! And a migraine for dessert!


Molli Salzman said...

That stinks when there is all of that going on in one day. My oldest son Jack needed an eye exam this year, so picture me, him, Charlie, and my 3 year old Ben. All in a small doctors office. One VERY rude eye guy. Temper tantrums and Charlie also manages to poop his pants! I am sure they will welcome us back next time with open arms!!
I hope you got answers on from his EI team. I go today for Charlie's 9 months checkup--he turned 10 months old on June 30th so we are a little behind. Anyways, I KNOW that I am not getting him shots, I need to get my speech prepared. I mean, my doctor has seen 1 baby in 15 years between 3 doctor's patients. I sit in the waiting room and see that a specific vaccine can cause seizures. After these 3 months, I am sure I am not taking a chance. My OT said if she were Charlie's mommy, she would wait until after he is 2 to start again. I agree, I am not against them, but I want them spread apart and safe, you know what I mean? Sorry for the rant.

Take care,

baby trevor's mommy said...

Molli - I was laughing about your little story...and SO glad I'm not the only one havin' those kinda days!

Rant away, sweetie! Cause I am SO with you...especially on the vax issue. The well-visit yesterday finally prompted me to look at the vax friendly doctor list available on Dr. Sear's website. I called the one closest to us...and she was amazing! She said she only gives the vaxes required by the public school...and only administers them seperately. Trev's pedi told me yesterday that it's impossible to find them seperated! Grrrrrr... Anyway...I would recommend finding a vax friendly doctor in your area. Saves the head-ache of explaining & fighting about the whys & whens...

It was my own fault about all the appointments! BUT...we had a really productive visit with the OT! In fact, it was the best ever! She agreed Trev needs therapy twice a month...as opposed to every other month. Plus, she gave us lots of great ideas...a real plan. PT wasn't great but we're all in a holding pattern until Trev sees Dr. Ortho in two weeks.

I still have a dull throb...I really need to take Alieve!


JSmith5780 said...

Molli and Danielle- I am sorry you are having such concerns with the vax issue. If it eases your mind at all, we had been through MOST of Austin's vaxes, before his IS even started, without incident. The only vax that came after that we had to stress about was the DTaP...which we got as a DT.

Don't let them tell you they CAN'T get the vaxes, they just don't want to because they cost so much more. Keep in mind you may need special insurance approval to get them seperated.

Hope you are both fairing better today!

Check out my blog for an EEG update!

Molli Salzman said...

"I mean, my doctor has seen 1 baby in 15 years between 3 doctor's patients. I sit in the waiting room and see that a specific vaccine can cause seizures."

Sorry, that part of my post was a little confusing after reading it again. My doctor has only seen 1 other baby besides Charlie with IS and she was over 1 year old. Last time I was at the pediatricians, in the waiting room, I was reading their literature and it was discussing how certain vaccines can cause seizures, that is what I meant. I mean, after going through all of this, WHY would I do anything but wait?! Sorry, it was early when I did the first post.

Take care,

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jen - I'm only moving forward with the vaccines required by the public schools...and I found a doctor relatively close that only administers them seperatly. So it is possible! I knew it was...I just hadn't done my own research until yesterday. I'm in no way anti-vax...probably has something to do with living in Africa when there was a measles outbreak! But I want to move on a more *relaxed* schedule...

btw...I'm SO happy Austin's EEG report was happy! And I'm SO angry at the run-a-round you went through! Grrrrrrrr...

Molli - Trev's 1st pedi is the same way. Trevor is his 1st IS case ever...in 20 years of practice. And even before Trev's dx we had had *the vaccine* talks. He's VERY pro-vaccine. Thinks those who choose not to are looney toons. So I already knew we would butt heads. I was SO mad when he told me to look at CHOPs website if I had questions...I'm not THAT naive! I know CHOP is pro-vaccine! I know all their info would have that slant! Soooo...anyway...that's when I decided to switch pedis.
Anyway...I'm just sayin' I understand being skeptical of a doctor that doesn't have the IS experience! I know I am!


~Mama Skates~ said...

oh hun, so sorry....i really don't know how u do it all!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Ugggh...I hate those days!!! So glad it's over.

Shanna Grimes said...

Hate to laugh, but I did get a kick out of this post. It sounds just like something I would say.

Sorry you had a bad day :( Hope tomorrow is a better one for you all.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Elaine - me too!

Shanna - that's SO funny cause I was thinking the same thing! Sounded like you...suppose you're rubbin' off on me a bit! ;o)