bristel bantor

Pop Pop's eight week recovery leave went by in a flash. Bristel's gotten used to him being around so she noticed he was missing yesterday morning.

Bristel : Where's Pop Pop?

Grams : He went back to work today.

Bristel : Oh...good!


Pop Pop was relaxing on the couch after his first day back on the job when Bristel runs in...jumps up...and smothers him in a big hug.

Bristel : Here I AM Pop Pop!

Bristel's bed-time prayer last night

Dear God, thank you SO much for everything.
But really for the witch.
And Cinderella.
And the fireworks.
And that one day I can live in Cinderella's Castle.


I couldn't find her anywhere...and was starting to panic. I thought she gone up-stairs to play in her room with Grams. But Grams didn't know where she was either. So we started hunting the whole house & yard.

When I finally spied this...

Our little thinks-she's-too-big-for-naps-anymore munchkin...couldn't even make it to her room for a rest! All snuggled up on Grams' couch!


~Mama Skates~ said...

i can't get over how stinkin' adorable she is! i love her prayer - sounds a lot like the ones in our house - very random, but the sweetest ever!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Sharon - I love those random prayers! Bri always mentions Cinderella somewhere! lol Maybe she'll work at Disney someday? I have to say...she is pretty darn cute! Sometimes I just wanna eat her up!

Adesta said...

I love that little dimple. ~smiles~