in honor of the date that wasn't...

Yesterday was going to be our first date since Pop Pop's surgery. And there was NO way I was missing it.

Dinner & a movie.

Boring I know. But I'm comfortable with being boring. Interesting is SO over-rated!


I wasn't feeling great. My back has been throbbing for days. And now my abs were sore too.
But I was ignoring it. Cause we were going on a date!

Dark Knight & Texas RoadHouse. The Texas two-fer is a great budget dinner.

We made it through about 20 minutes of the movie before my writhing prompted Jonathan to ask if we needed to leave.

I was desperate to stay. But seriously...the pain was excruciating.

To the point that we spent the rest of our date at the doctors office.

Where I was pronounced with a kidney infection!


I suppose next time my back becomes tender & throbby I'll not ignore.
So I'm at home. Still in tons of pain. I begged the doctor today for some pain killers to get me over the until-the-anitbiotics-take hump. He suggested the ER instead.

Yeah right! I have three kids!

Plus, our container is due to arrive tomorrow morning.

If I'm still in pain after it's unloaded...I'll think about heading to the hospital.

Until then...I'm poppin' OTCs...and reading blogs (when I have 15 minutes of pain freedom). Like the one I pilfered & pasted below...

...which since it involves dinner out...thought it was quite fitting to honor our date that wasn't...and dining out with children...and parenting...and all that jazz...

Plus, bonus points for making me laugh! Enjoy...

I remember back when Wife and I were younger, how terrible we thought it was when we saw older couples sitting wordlessly in a restaurant. "I can't believe he's reading a newspaper," I would say. "We'll never be like that when we're older," Wife would affirm.

We said these things because we were stupid. I came home from Atlanta last night, and to celebrate we all went to Red Robin. Wife and I are eternal optimists, it seems, because no matter how hectic the last dining experience proved to be, we manage to tell ourselves that this time it will be pleasant.

Do you want to know why older couples go to restaurants and sit without talking? Because they've had twenty-odd years of this:

"Dad, I want to invent a hamburger!"

"Good. Isaac, get off the table."

"Dad, can I sit in your lap?"

"No. Eat your food."

"Isaac, get out from under the table."

"Why is this baby squawking? Did you bring something he'll eat?"

[Insert deadly glare from Wife here.]

"Dad, I'm going to tell them to put the burger on a Kroger bun. It will be a Kroger burger."

"That won't work."

"Yes it will."

"Kroger is just a grocery store. We buy Kroger buns from the grocery store. There's nothing special about Kroger buns."

"Isaac, stop kicking the table."

"No Dad, Kroger is a special food company."

"Fine. Do what you want."

"Isaac, get off your brother."

"Dad, can I put my head in your lap?"

"No. Honey, the baby is still squawking."

"Do you really think I can't hear it?"


"Isaac, sit up."

"Maybe I'll invent a macaroni and cheese burger."

"Dad, will you rub my back?"

Sigh. "Yes. I can just eat with the one hand."

Only to really get the feel, you should make all those sentences collide, and layer that cacophony with the noise of a baby who wants to be held by his father because he senses an opportunity to get food all over his father's shirt, lay hold of his father's silverware and toss it to the floor, and otherwise give his father indigestion.

Eventually Baby Isaiah discovered a table of pretty girls nearby, and commenced to flirting. He grinned and made baby noises, and when they looked over he dropped his chin to his chest and practically batted his eyelashes at them. Soon they were all waving and cooing at him. So he tried to crawl away from us to sit with the pretty ladies. His mother had to drag him back to our table. He is going to be trouble, this boy.

Then Isaac and Caleb got in on the act. They are going to be trouble as well. Eli stayed close to me, but with those eyelashes and freckles that boy isn't going to have to work at it. He is going to be the most trouble of all, mark my words.

(Note to self: keep them on the farm once they hit puberty, at least until each of them knows a profitable trade. They're going to need to be able to support my grandchildren.)

The point is, Wife and I understand now why older couples are quiet in restaurants. It's because they are all talked out. Just watch them. They don't even speak to the waitress; they just point to what they want on the menu. I imagine once the last boy is out of the house we may go for a good solid year without saying a word. And it will be blissful. Then we'll spend the rest of our days wondering why they don't come visit more often.

But that's okay, because we'll visit them. Mostly because we love them. But also to watch them eat with their own children. Heh heh heh.


Shanna Grimes said...

Oh, those are the worst! Sorry to hear that it cut your date night short too. Hope you are feeling better soon.

I googled Kidney Infections (you know me) and it says to avoid salt, sat fats, proteins, refined sugar and carbs. So basically you will be eating what I am eating ;-P. Today was a tough day. I took the kids to McD's and I settled for a Fruit and Yogurt thingy. I new if I ordered a salad, I would be tempted to eat the meat on it. I think their caesar is meatless, but I have had salad a lot over the last couple days. It was tough not to just order a chicken wrap, since I love those!

BTW...millet is sort of a seed/grain. It contains no wheat, so it's gluten free. It has a good deal of protein which is important to replace somehow, since I'm not getting it through meat. It tastes similar to cous cous, but it's a little crunchier.

Hope you feel better soon and your pain subsides :(

JSmith5780 said...

Love the story.... and it's so true. A common scenario in our house is us rushing around, struggling to get the kids ready to go somewhere. Then we get in the car and I am usually absolutely silent. This bugs Jeff to no end and he starts asking me... repeatedly... what's wrong. After about the 3rd or fourth time I usually explode and tell him he is the problem because we won't just let me sit and breathe and NOT DO ANYTHING. I need to recover after trying to get the three of them ready! So yeah, I can completely understand the silent older couple thing!

Yay... the container is arriving!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Shanna - Girl...I'm sick! I can't believe I was ignoring the symptoms for so long...it's no wonder it's kickin' my butt! Although...it could be my imagination...but I think I may be on the up-swing. I actually folded laundry for 10 mins before I felt nauseous & throbby! lol I figured it was something *healthy*! *smile* I like crunchy though...maybe I'll try it?

Jen - I know...his little story validated much of what J & I live on a daily basis!

J is at the container right now! Whoo hoo!


~Mama Skates~ said...

man, kidney infections suck! i used to get cronic UTI's in my high school/college years & it spread to my kidneys twice....once i had to go on an IV for a while to get rehydrated & they pumped me with the anti that way.....hope u feel better soon! drink lots of water & cranberry juice! duh, right?! ~lol~

and the story is too funny! a very common happening in our family too! my kids r pretty well behaved - but boy can they talk! ~lol~ i know one day i'll wish they'd talk to me more, so i try to eat it up now :0)

baby trevor's mommy said...

I don't remember the last time we went out as a family...so my guess is it wasn't that pleasant! *grin* Buuuut...they do great one x one!

I think the meds are kicking in...I've been sitting up for a good hour & no pain! Whoo hoo! And I concur...that doc was a jerk! I still don't understand why he couldn't just give me two days worth of meds! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...