a boy and his toy (part III)

So remember the recent Toby lost his Gameboy saga?


I am SO proud of my big kid! Not only has he been an amazing helper recently. He also stopped complaining & begging for a new one along the way! This is a HUGE deal for Toby...my badger-er! That's my nick for the persistant coming at every different angle questions...

Of course every now and then he just can't help himself.

For instance...our new home also happens to be just a few doors down from another for sale where we (really he) think it may have been left behind. Thus this recent convo...

Toby: Mom...can I go ask them if they found it?

Me: Noooooo...


Me: I mean...if you get to know the children who live there then maybe you can ask? But honestly Toby...I doubt you'll get it back. Besides we don't even know for sure that's where you left it...

::smokey from his little mental wheels spinning silence::

Toby: Well then...when the kids are in school can I go ask the mom?

Other than random talks like those...Toby has pretty much given up wood-peckering us (to death) for a new one. Although Santa has heard a lot about it.

In fact...Santa found a way (thanks Marrisa's dad!!) to send Toby a replacement!

I can't wait to see my big kid's little face Christmas morning! I'm also much anxious for some quiet around these parts again! In fact...I'm kinda thinkin' Santa really sent it for me!