missing them already

I kissed my big boys good-bye at the crack of dawn.

They looked so cute sporting their O's gear. Jonathan's a fanatic.

We've chatted on the phone several times already. Obviously we're the clingy type.


Jonathan said when the stewardess came for drink orders Toby requested...


the Classic kind, please!

Which got a chuckle from the drink lady.

Last we spoke...they had landed safely in Kansas City, MO. And were waiting for their ride. Jonathan's oldest younger brother. He mentioned this morning that the last time the whole family was together was for B's wedding. And that was in Tanzania. Before seizures. And cancer.

Sadly...Jonathan's dad is in the ER right now. He hasn't been eating. Or drinking. And has pains in his chest. Which the doctors told them could mean more clots.

Of course I'm wondering if it was a mistake letting Toby go.

It's a nasty day here. Chilly. Rainy.

I had my cell to my ear. Jonathan on the other end. Both of us not saying much of anything. I scooched back on the couch. Which looks out our big window. And noticed the rain. It was running down the glass so much like tears that my eyes spontaneously watered.

I told Jonathan...it feels like the whole world is crying.

It's really sad...he said back.

And that's how we feel right now. Really sad.

Which isn't the same as hope-less.

Jonathan's dad has been living a wonderful life. A life of generosity. Integrity. Love. Joy. Compassion. Faith.

It's just really sad that it's being cut so short. So fast...


blogzilly said...

The world cries a lot. Much more than I would ever have imagined it would.

I'm so sorry that you are going though this pain as well your others.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you all during this very sad time...

Love and blessings

JSmith5780 said...

Hoping today is a better day!

Adesta said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Babu isn't doing so well. The best advice I can offer as someone who has lost their father to cancer, is try and spend each day remembering the good times you all had together and not dwell on the pain and sadness of today and in the coming days. I'm here to listen if you need someone to talk to D. {hugs}

Praying that things improve for Babu very very soon!!

Holli said...

I'm thinking of you guys...

((((HUGS to all of ya))))