I knew it felt like deja vu.

And on a whim a searched old blog posts.

And sure enough. I was right!

This is not the first time Trevy has been this miserable. It's working out exactly like it did last time he had Hand Foot & Mouth.

I know. I know. I thought you couldn't get it again too.

Guess what?

We were all wrong!

And I have Captain Cranky in my lap giving me a birds eye view of those ouchie mouth sores to prove it!


Colby said...

I am so sorry that he (and you) are having to go through this again...One of my sis's children had it....He was miserable, too...But EVERYTHING is multiplied many, many times when there are seizures, too...I HATE it!!!

Y'all just hang in there....It will be over soon.....

Love ya!


Hollis T said...

You sound like you've been through the ringer lately! I'm just getting caught up with your last few posts, and I'm so sorry that you are having to go through all the b.s. with the insurance. I really think bringing all the batting power of the multiple docs is the best way to go. I hope that you can get some traction on surgery and that it will provide your son with some relief from the constant seizures. I know how horrible it is to watch your kiddo go through the clusters, and non-stop seizures!

Dawson said...

Still riding in the " theres way too many sores in the mouth of my child" boat too.. Its always something isn't it??

Hang in there Trevor

blogzilly said...

Hope he feels better soon. Sucks!

~Mama Skates~ said...

gosh i hate that HF&M!!! poor Trevy - & poor mama! hope he's feeling better soon!


Holli said...

I've never heard of that before. I'll have to google it.

Regardless though, it's never easy to deal with sickies. Even a cold gets me stressed...

Hope he's feeling better!