another Trevor's story...

A day or so before our trek to Detroit...I found the below email waiting in my inbox. And with premission from the other Trevor's mom...I'm posting it here...



You don't know me..and I don't know you, but stumbled upon your blog tonight and I wanted to let you know that I have a Trevor who had surgery in Detroit over 10 years ago at age 6. A very successful surgery, I might add.

It was the most difficult time of our lives, before and after, but in the long run it was the best thing that we were able to do for him.

It is a long story, as you know....but please feel free to read a story that was written about him in the Epilepsy USA magazine in 2002. It sums up what we went through.

Anyway, 10 years later, our Trevor is a happy, healthy boy. He was seizure free for almost 10 years, and he was able to learn and play sports. He has recently started having some small seizures, but we are working to control them with meds and they have yet to affect his daily life. We are truly happy with that most difficult decision that we made over 10 years ago.

Please know that I am thinking of your Trevor this upcoming week and wishing you a informative stay. Tell Dr. Chugani that Trevor and his family from Hawaii say "aloha!"

Take care!


You can read Trevor's story here. Just a tip...the font is light and didn't show up well on my screen. Super clever me...highlighted the words and was able to read them perfectly! My tip just in case you are interested to read as well.

As a mommy facing the possiblity of surgical intervention...I am SO thankful for those that have bravely paved the way.

And thank you Sheila for sharing your story with me!


blogzilly said...

Hearing the success stories, particularly those that are that long as far as time frame, is always a good comfort.

Mrs. M said...

How wonderful to hear something positive from someone who has been there and GETS it. Really gets it.
And another Trevor? Wow.
Isn't the interweb a wonderful way to connect people we would have never found otherwise?
Sending you good wishes & hugs,

Our Sweet Sophie said...

Shelia is amazing. She was there for me during Sophie's surgery. I came in contact with her through Emma (Alex's mom) who is another amazing person. FYI...they are both on Facebook.

Holli said...

That's certainly an inspirational story. Any success story, though, is encouraging. I'm so glad that some of the "been there, done that parents" are reaching out to you and Ken. You both need that support right now..the kind no one else can offer...although I wish I could for both of you!