a lil' shot of keep on trucking

Sometimes the strength runs dry. Ya know.

A bit of a courage draught happening here. I've been feeling pretty cowardly lately. Every time I think in either direction about Monday. D (as in decision) Day.

I get weak in the knees. A little naseous. And crazy thoughts swirl.

So I've been putting a lot of effort into NOT dwelling. And filling up with happy...positive...input.

Like this fabulously inspirational post I drew strength from yesterday!

I think EVERY parent navigating through crazy challenging complicated medical issues...should hop over to TherExtras and get a courage shot too! Lots of great info to sift through besides...


And on a side note. Barbara of TheExtras and I had a dinner date planned once. It was to be at Cracker Barrel...one a my faves.

It's been a very long time since I've stood anyone up. But our girl's night happened to be the caboose to a very bad (yester)day.

I didn't want to miss our meet. And got dressed. Make upped. And was driving down the road when my heart just suddenly stopped beating. I had to go home. I couldn't leave Trevy like that. I just couldn't. So I called Barbara and apologized. She graciously understood.

A weepy seizure-y Trevy met me at the door.

I SO wish we could have met that night. Trevy needed me though.

Another time...


Anonymous said...

There WILL be another time, Trevor's Mommy.

Yes, "EVERY parent navigating through crazy challenging complicated medical issues" is a pioneer. In hindsight, I meant to imply that while showing some bloggers to each other - bloggers from different circles (diagnoses).

If my post helped you, I.am.happy.
Praying for Trevy and you. Barbara

Ellen said...

Hi! I came over after reading your comment on Barbara's wonderful post. It is nice to meet you and your beautiful kids.

Like you, I try hard not to dwell; mostly, I manage to pull it off, though it's hard not to sometimes. I'm mom to Max, who's 6, he had a stroke at birth that resulted in cerebral palsy. He's also had seizures.

I hope you get to go out this weekend! We DESERVE to get out!

Colby said...

I missed going out to dinner with my oldest son and his friends for his b'day this week because Colby fell and knocked his head real hard w/a seizure...I know how you feel....Just could NOT leave him...Seems like all I do is stand people up...OR not plan anyting in the first place!

We are hoping and praying that there will be no more of that for you guys in the very near future!!!

Try and fill the next two days with anything that suits your fancy...Monday will be here before you know it!

Thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

The slacker caught up on all your blogs.

MJStump said...


I hope you are finding things to keep your truck a moving or coasting at best, so you aren't thinking too much or running out of fuel.

I think the shot of courage you got from Barbara is just what you needed...what we could all use from time to time.

Praying that the time flies by and the clock doesn't stop too much for ya. Sending you a big hug and smiles from me and Kylie.