a thank you...

A few days ago I posted this...written by a friend of mine.

She was moved by the response and emailed me her thoughts:

To all of Danielle's IS Family,

I cant even begin to tell you how overwhelmed I have been this past week with your response to "The 5 things..." that I wrote for Danielle. When I wrote the blog I never thought it would be seen by so many. As each of you know, sometimes thoughts rumble around in your head and you write them a million times up there and then finally you just have to put them on paper. Ever since reconnecting with Danielle through FB, I began to recognize the struggles she was having. They were the same struggles I remember my mom and dad having as they dealt with my sister's death from Juvenile Diabetes. I have so much I wish to say to each of you but I am going to take my own advice and just say, I love each of you even though I dont know you, I pray for you as a Family and for your children individually and I hope that through the coming months each of you will find healing and good friends to support you.

Your friend,



Liz said...

Thank you, C! It was such a thoughtful thing to do for your friend. I was moved that you went to the trouble to put that together for her. It is good advice, and it certainly comes across better from a friend's point of view than if I tried to get the same point across. It means much more that you cared to pick up on your 5 things.

And it did reach lots of people....for some reason, another big blog found it on my page and linked to it and over 700 people read it the day I posted it. We certainly don't get 700 most days.....

Thanks for sharing it and caring about our kids.

MJStump said...

I can't say much more than how blessed you are to have "C" as your friend.

Oh, and that I would like to take her to Kinko's and make copies of her to send to all families of SN kids. K, that sounds weird, but it is so very important to have a strong support system..especially with people that get it.

So "C", just know that you are a wonderful person and have a huge heart, and I hope and pray that we all have someone like you by our side.