big fat thank you!

I can't even fully express the various levels of support we've recieved as time keeps ticking closer to Surgery Day.

Thank you seems so unfullfilling. But it's all I've got right now. Soooo...thank you all so very much for the emails. Visits. Hallmark cards. Phone calls. FaceBook love. Gift cards. Road trip mulah. Care packages...from near and far. And the list goes on!

The genuine care (from family...friends...cyber friends...therapists...AllStar fam...various people whose lives have been touched by Trevy) that has been poured over us is like warm sunlight in our souls.

Jonathan and I both have been blown away by the generosity and compassion that have been showered on our little family!

And then I look at Trevy. All beautiful eyes and sweet soul...and think...of course people love him!


On Trevy's behalf (and before things get super crazy) we wanted to just give you all a big fat...



JSmith5780 said...

lol, and you even got some facebook love from me :)

I told you, I get on there OCCASIONALLY!

Andi said...

I know you're leaving tomorrow. Just wanted to say good luck and we'll be thinking of you often this weekend and all next week.

Please feel free to text or call me if you need anything, including a shoulder.

Have a safe drive. Good luck in the car for that long. If you are going to the zoo, I think it's supposed to rain on Friday and Saturday here. I hope it holds off long enough for you to enjoy yourselves.

Lots of love and prayers from us!

Colby said...

I only wish I could do more....I Will be thinking of y'all, checking the blog/Facebook...AND praying hard for this to go smoothly....

Angels line the highways....


Carolyn M said...

Oh honey, we're praying for you guys.

Adesta said...

I'm on FB daily and never thought to search for ya D. Got Jen on there, but she's a ghost....hahaha

No need for thanks here. You've got enough to worry about without having to make sure you thank me. (or anyone else I'm sure) We luv your whole family and I'm sure if there was any way we all could, we'd all make the trek to Detroit with you so that we could be there for you to lean on when you needed us all. Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you every step of this journey that you take to get Trevy seizure free. And don't forget, J's dad is looking down on all of you and keeping a close eye on all. Safe travels my friend.