am I allowed?

To complain?

Or is it taboo? Because Trevy leans towards the miracle side of IS things.

Cause seriously.

He's been testing the two-year old waters this week.

And when I say testing...I really mean biting. Almost breaking skin biting. And yanking. Hair. Ours and the puppy's. He's particularly fond of sneaking up while she's sleeping and grabbing a fistfull of snout fur. He thinks it's hysterical when she howls and nips at his hands. Oh and he's into pulling. Every single thing he possibly can. Off of every single shelf he can possibly reach. And throwing. The heavier the better.

He's just so...






Did I mention terrible?

One might even say...

Acting his age-able!

Which reminded me of this very very sweet post from the past.


The adventures of Trevy the Real (Two Year Old).

That'll print.


Sinead said...

You're allowed to complain. Cause if you can complain then that gives me a license to complain about my little miracle. Are you still doing Dilantin? That can cause "behaviors". Also, have you had his iron and lead levels checked. I was worried about the chewing and biting so we had those checked. Lead was fine. Iron was very low.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

We went through that with Sophie as one of her stages after surgery. Expect at the age of 4. And she left HUGE bruises all over my body and brought me to tears on several occasions. Luckily, she is out of that stage. Totally into pinching now. Which is A LOT less painful.

And she also went through a phase of pulling everything off of every shelf. Purely exhausting trying to keep up with that. She is past that stage too.

Adesta said...

Of course you are allowed to complain. All of us mom's with "normal" children complain about their kids going through the Terrible Two's and that doesn't mak you any different. Hopefully these stages won't last long for Trevy.

JSmith5780 said...

Hooray for Terrible Twos! OK, so it's wrong to be exicted, but it's progress (in a way) and that is totally awesome!

Mama Skates said...

love his little bad self to pieces! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Of course you are allowed!

ditto Sinead for making sure all the physiological stuff - meds and diet are not making things worse.

Unsolicited, sharing my belief that there are appropriate discipline methods for 2-year-olds. Even those post miraculous surgery. Just saying. Barbara

baby trevor's mommy said...

Sinead...he is still on Dilantin. Although I'm thinking it's more developmental. He's VERY into cause & effect stuff right now. Open close drawers and doors. Pull hair - get reaction. He likes it! Btw...what is link between biting and low iron? We're weaning him off formula finally. Before surgery he WOULD NOT drink milk. Now he will. Just another quirky little thing that may or may not be connected to seizures. Anyway...now that we're weaning him off of iron fortified milk I have worried. Especially because he's had two spontaneous nose-bleeds.

Elaine...I'm just SO hoping it passes quickly.

Adesta, Jen & Sharon...thanks for the love girls!

Barbara...oh honey...I like me some discipline. :) I'm actually MUCH more strict than I ever thought I'd be when I was young. The hard part is finding a strategy that works with Trevor. I tried Time Out the other day. That was a joke. Although a firm tap to the hand with a red pen seems to catch his attention. I happened to be grading papers the last time he tried to yank my hair. :)


Sinead said...

Low levels of iron can cause all manner of things including pica which is a disorder involving the ingestion of non food items. I got Em tested for iron cause she was eating her crib among other things. Not biting. Eating. She was biting a lot at that time too.

Anonymous said...

Of course you are allowed!!

Though I promised myself I wouldn't when Henry started to do 'things'....hmm.

We are still in the honeymoon phase I think but he definitely gets a certain 'look' in his eyes, he will be a mischievous monkey I'm sure!

kt x

Lisa said...

Yay for Trevor being a normal 2 year old, and yay for you getting to complain about the terrible twos like any normal mom. :)

I read your comment upthread about how now he will drink milk and wouldn't before surgery. So weird, because Julia LOVED milk before surgery, practically subsisted on it, and hasn't had a cup since surgery! She refuses it now. So strange.

Anonymous said...

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