the schedule's tight...and the jeans are too!


So before I dive into the chaos that is my life. I just feel the need to emphasize that I am not whining! Or hinting. Though I'll never turn down a yummy meal! I love my children. I love pouring my life into being their mommy. I love the funny little things they do and say. And all the crazy that comes with it. But seriously...I was looking over my schedule (cause loopy me wants to jam a Gymboree session in) and it was there. In black and white. My life (much like every other seizure mommy out there) is absolutely nuts!

Before surgery...Trevy was napping twice a day. Juggling was so much easier when he was napping! I even had the time to squeeze in a work out if I wanted. The only squeezing I'm doing these days is into my very tight jeans! And there is no time for make up. So if any locals run into me at Walmart...I apologize in advance. For the muffin top and the au natural face!

A Week in the Life of Me


Used to be my free day...

now my Gymboree day! If it weren't so darn cute. And if I didn't think it would be so darn beneficial for Trevy...



8am - 9 am Speech Therapy

9am - 11:30am Trevy naps

1:30 - 2:30pm Play Therapy


2:00 - 3:00 Physical Therapy


Jonathan drops Toby and Bristel at Grams' house for the morning

8:45 - 12:00pm Groden - Trevy's special school


8:00am - 9:00am Speech Therapy

(overlapping therapies)

8:30am - 9:30am Play Therapy


Drop Trevy at Grams' for the morning

8:30 - 11:45 Toby & Bristel at a homeschooling co-op where I help teach, clean, or whatever is needed.

12:00 Pick Trevy up and race home because at

1:30 - 2:30 we have Occupational Therapy

(overlapping therapies)

2:00 - 3:00 Physical Therapy

And in between all that I'm resolving billing issues...homeschooling the kiddos...keeping one eye on Trevy at all times...latching gates...cleaning spilled juice...attempting to make dinner...trying to set up out-patient Speech...spend quality time with each kiddo...schedule and keep other essential appointments...sorting out sibling conflict...working on transition things...blog...email...vaccuming...dusting...washing...folding...trying to teach the children how to properly do the same...connecting with the hubs...logging receipts...picking up meds...taking Trevy to get labs...brushing teeth...cleaning up puppy poop...cleaning up Trevy poop...feeding the rugrats - because they're begging me to...


No wonder the jeans are tight!

I totally need a week in the tropics.





is why I am secretly looking forward to Trevy being in school a couple hours a day. Maybe I can actually shave some of that muffin top off?

But right now...I'd better go pick up the bookshelves that Trevy has dumped throughout the house. A therapist is due to arrive any minute!


MSKMOM said...

Please when he does start school take one day off for yourself before scheduling yourself like crazy. Gymboree is great!! Meg did it when was little and she loved it, still have 2 great friends from those days. Shane did My Gym which was wonderful as well. It's hard to be a skinny mini with all the running around we do, we each have 3 kids to focus on and one being special needs adds a lot to our plates also. Hang in there girl!!! <<>>

baby trevor's mommy said...

Amy...I had to laugh at the "adds a lot to our PLATES"! It hit my funny bone. You know...losing weight...adds to our plates...lol


Once he's in school I'm going to at least start working out again! I miss it!

I'll call you this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love the 'adding to our plates' comment too!! :)

Guessing 'chill out' doesn't work for you Danielle??!!

But have to agree, when Henry slept all day life was a tad easier. Now I keep thinking 'I'll do that when he's asleep' only for him not to follow my plan!
In a good way though.

Keep all those balls in the air, one day we'll have more time on our hands than we can imagine....i hope!

kt x

Sinead said...

Someone said to me at parents group last night, I wonder what the parents of normal kids do with all that spare time. I'm not sure people have spare time at all any more. There are so many things grabbing our attention. I hope you get a little break when Trevy starts school. Even without me-time, having a little to to help the other two without the constant fear of "what is Trevy getting up to will feel like a big break

baby trevor's mommy said...

kt...interesting. That Henry isn't napping as much either? I never thought Trevy was post ictal...I always thought the napping was because he was still a baby cognitively? But I'm wondering it it wasn't that his little body was just so exhausted from fighting the seizures all the time?

Sinead...I'm so curious about your parent group? I attend one while Trevy is in his playgroup at Groden. It's a school that focuses on autistic children. The moms meet in a seperate room while the children are "in school". At first I was a skeptic...but I've grown really close to some of them!

I think the difference...and I say this from life experience...between us and typical families is that they have a choice. I chose to enroll Toby in baseball...take him to the library...do the same with Bristel. I actually couldn't wait for them to be old enough to enroll them in activities. Sometimes it was even because I was bored! Imagine!

But with Trevy...it's more busy out of necessity. Especially during these brain developing essential years. Once he's bigger...and I don't feel that intensive therapy is AS necessary...it will slow down. But right now...it's important.

Add to that the fact that I've essentially had a 12 month old for the past 2 years! 12 months olds are super cute...and SUPER exhausting! With Toby and Bristel...I always looked forward to their maturing! So they could climb out of the carset on their own. Put their pants on. Stop shoving everything in sight into their mouths. With Trevy...well...


Adesta said...

Ok...this stuck with me....

Trevy naps for 2 1/2 hours?? How do you get him to do that???

NONE, and I repeat, none, of my three kids has EVER taken a 2 1/2 hour nap willingly in my home. *sigh*

And as a mother to children that are "normal" (although I would never call any of my kids normal...they are too nuts *smile*), our lives are just as hectic as those of you with SN children. Although, I can honestly say, my life is no where near being as busy as Danielle's.

And D, there's no problem with no makeup....I haven't worn makeup in 17 years. Wow....now I feel old.

JSmith5780 said...

Me, I just buy bigger jeans ;)

Always take some time for yourself. Maybe J can sit with the kids in the evening while you take the puppy for a walk or to a puppy park?? Exercise and alone time, two birds one stone!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Adesta...it's not ALWAYS that long. But sometimes I'm lucky! Bri never was a good napper. Toby would nap for FOUR hours! And that lasted until he was well past 4! I'm SO spoiled!

Jenny...hmmmmm...somehow I remember you saying you hated shopping for jeans! ;) I may need to find a puppy park close by! Cause she needs some puppy friends like crazy!


Colby said...

Danielle....LOVE the comment of having a 12 mo. old for 2 years...I can identify...When people ask me what it is like to be Colby's mom (which is actually kind of rare...I don't think they want to know!), I tell them it's like having a 12-24 month old for 25 years...It's about all I can come up with to help them understand!

I don't know how you do it with three...I only had two...And thank goodness Colby was the younger and Shawn was three years older...It helped alot!

I do admit I miss having colby in school! It did give me a MUCH-NEEDED BREAK!!!