good thing grams

Somehow I thought Trevy being in school would de-complicate life.

Turns out...

Not so Much.

It's really hard to get much of anything accomplished when there is a bus stop looming in the am. Followed by a mommy pick-up a couple hours later. A pick up of a very adorable but sleepy little boy who needs a nice two(ish) hour nap. Which is relaxing. But totally eats into the errand window.

Which is why I'm feeling very much like it's a good thing Grams lives just on the other side of the bridge...

Because what should have been a quicky Bristel vaccination doctor's visit. Turned into a marathon wait. And I would have been late picking up Trevy.

Grams swooped in to the rescue.


Although even she'll say it's almost like she got paid back with Trevy's jumping and running and pure unadulterated joy at seeing her!

If there's one thing I know other than it being a good thing that Grams lives right over there.

It's that Trevy sure is happy being Trevy!


'cept when it's raining...


Anonymous said...

maybe you should move to west coast! :)

happy's mommy said...

Only if Grams comes with me!


Holli said...

Love the new look! And LOVE the new photo!

I have a Grams -we call her Nana. What would we do without them?!

Love you guys!

Debbie said...

My mom is always swooping in and saving the day for me...ALWAYS!

Especially now that my hubby isn't here...poor gal...she is playing way too many roles...mom, nanna, husband...all for ME and MY KIDS!!!!

Gotta love our earth angels! ;)

Colby said...

I am so very blessed to have my mom right across the street, particularly since there is no father in the picture...

Even though she is 75, she is in better shape and has more energy than I EVER could have...She can't lift and pull on him like I can, of course...But she is great at "seizure patrol" and running errands...She also rides shotgun w/me to all of his appts....

What would we do without them????