a great way...

...to start the day!

Yes, I'm the obnoxious mommy who must walk her little tumbling bumbling boy across the street to board the school bus. Which means if you happen to be trapped on Main when bus eleven pulls to the curb...you'll be waiting a few extra seconds.

I would say sorry. But I'm not.

Especially on a morning like this. Before handing him over, I kissed my fingertips and placed them on his shmoochy whoocy lips. To all (me, Bristel, Miss. CNA, Misses Bus Monitor and Driver) of our delight he kissed his chubby little palm and reached up to return the favor!

::smile and sigh and think to myself I love this kid::

Luck would have it that his window is on our walk back home side. So Bristel and I stand on the corner and wave and blow kisses and holler love yous like fools over all the brouhaha of the early morning hubbub created in our quaint New England hamlet.

He started waving back a while ago. And we can even read his "buh-beyeeeee" lips.

Yesterday Miss. CNA i-phoned...

Just wanted to let you know Trevor said bye bye bye mommieee bye and looove you

As if that wasn't sweet enough she just sent this...

Just so you know when you signed I love you

sign language i love you Pictures, Images and Photos

Trevor said love you :)

He has come SO far in just six months. Lord knows...he has a heck of way yet to go. But no doubt about it - he's amazing.


And for the record...I've never thought otherwise!


MJStump said...

Makes me all teary just reading this post! These are the HUGE little things that make us want to squeeze them and neer let go...the things we long for and can never get enough of.

Love it!!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

What a sweet little story to reset my crazy morning mood. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

AWW!! that is so adorable! thank you for writing it so beautifully too, i literally felt like an eyewitness to the event!
love you!

Anonymous said...

Through tears of joy, I am writing this. I know that the Lord has a special task for Trevor. We had a young man here last week and he has cerebal palsy. He was such a joy to the people here in Arusha, Tanzania. He was happy and articulate. He has a masters in business and is very involved with ministry and family. He was a joy to be with. I thought of Trevor each time he spoke in church and when he gave the biggest smile. I love you all and am so happy to have such good news!! Love and hugs all around, Bibi

JSmith5780 said...

Awesome communication progress and SO SWEET!

Anonymous said...

now its time to work on our new sign for "Grams"

Colby said...

Danielle....I could just FEEL your joy here!!! He HAS come so far....and will continue on by leaps & bounds!!!!

Woooo Hoooo!!!!!!

Go Trevy!!!!!!!!!