old wives tale/

I looooooved this post about one of Trevy's bestest friends!

I couldn't help chuckling over her antics.

Probably because I can relate.

Well that...and also...

Even though we've never met in person I feel like I know Sophie and her family. In fact, I feel like we are family.

But back the relating bit.

I found a particular comment regarding the post linked above to be very inspiring and sweet...and I'm hoping to pieces that it's not an old wives tale...

"I once read that whenever a young child is going through a learning growth spurt their behavior will get worse. I know that Sophie is obviously having to overcome a lot more issues, but I think the gist was as the brain reorganizes and assimilates new info children just tend to act out. I know I've found this true with my own toddler, so I can imagine it is also true with Sophie.
A blog reader"

I hope hope hope there is some truth to that! Especially since Trevy has taken up a new pastime.

Smiling sweet at me one minute...

Trying to whack the snot outta my head the next! Usually with something chunky and plastic in hand!


Anonymous said...

My 2 1/2 year old does stuff like that all the stinkin time, and when they smile sweetly and then knock the crud out of you well . . . seizures or not, major brain surgery or not, it just seems like there is something very purposeful going on there. I love reading about your Trevy - these kiddos are all so inspiring.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

We will make it official one day. Because there is nothing wrong with arranged marriages...right?

happy's mommy said...

I'm all for pickin' out the spouses! Trevy's daddy married an older woman too! ;)


Anonymous said...

You don't look like a cougar.

I was thinking it may be time that all chunky plastic be stored where sweet smiling spoken-for boys have to ASK for them, one at a time, and under close supervision. Otherwise, it is the cushy cloth animal toys.


happy's mommy said...

Does a year and a half older qualify as cougar material? :)