this ones for all the parents of chewy kids

I may just break the bank buying these super cool chewy oral input thingamabobs for my very oral boy!

By the way, Sinead, Jonathan says "thanks"


Trevy has chewy Ts and Ps and rings. He even has a whole slew of infant teethers. Cause they're cheap and easy to keep handy in every room of the house.

But a chewy stick?!

Seriously. How cute is that?!

And I have a feeling it'll be a HUGE hit with Trevy-kins!

I don't want that wrist band just because it looks trendy and cute! I want it because Trevy has recently taken to biting on his arms! And he'll look trendy and cute.

(click me to learn more)

And of course...a handy dandy never go without your chewy necklace is a must have for any oral fixated kiddo!

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JSmith5780 said...

Connor had P tools, but he STILL chews on everything. I can;t tell you the number of times a day I tell him to take something out of his mouth.