I love my son.  Truly.  Honestly.  

I love him when he smiles.  The crooked parts are the cutest. 

I love him when he slaps me.

I love him when he calls my name.  A million times over.  For the very same thing.  And should I start to get annoyed I remind myself to remember the time when he couldn't.  And my love swells even deeper.   

I love him when he bites.   Though I'd prefer not to be the target.

I love him when I plop his cheeky butt in Time Out.  

I love him when he eats.  Especially crunchy food.  He scrunches up his face in the most adorably crooked way.  And crunch...crunch...crunches. 

I love him when he's driving me bonkers. 

I love him when his eyes sparkle. Mischievously mostly.  Sweetly sometimes. 

I love him when I'm exhausted.  And it's all his fault.  

I love him when he discovers something new.  Like how to delete iPad apps.  Or shut down the computer.  Or open the bathroom door.  Which is shortly followed by ALL doors.   

I love him when he attacks the dog.  And I love her for putting up with it! 

I love him when he's sick and in the hospital.  Looking pathetic.  And sad.  And so so small.  

I love him when he's healthy and home again.  Even if less bouncing off the walls would be nice now and again. 

And I loooooove him when he's at school!!!!!  


Of course the list could go on forever.  About all three of my kiddos.  But today...strapping Trevy into Miss. May May's car was such a precious moment.  He looked so cute in his blue winter hat which he was leaving on his head.  Surprise!  Where it belongs because we live in the arctic.  And not once pulling it off and throwing it at me.  Such a big boy now!  He was so adorable blowing me kisses and calling my name over and over and over and over and over and over and... to make sure I was watching.  And lopsided signing and chanting "ew ew".  I love you.  

I love that boy right back!  

But after 10 days of  unadulterated Trevy lovin'...

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it was really sweet waving goodbye as he zoomed off into the sunrise with Miss. May May this morning.  Thank goodness the doctors gave the green light to renew his therapies!  The Good Lord knows I love them too!  



Dawson said...

Love it!!!

blogzilly said...

What is it with our post-surgery kids and the BITING? Someone has got to do a study, but they all do it, at least it seems so doesn't it?

happy's mommy said...

I do notice the trend. Although it seems to be linked to IS/Brain Surgery kids. I haven't heard other parents on my Hemi board mention it?

The topic came up in his last IEP meeting...although he doesn't bite as much at school. Of course, most of the therapists want to chalk it up to developmental. We just got his Dev. Pedi notes...she has him functioning between 22-24 months. So I heard the "he's just being a 2 year old" comment. To which I responded...yes...but how long will he BE two?

I've wondered if maybe it's just another form of input? I feel like Trevor craves input...music, talking, touching...tasting. I think some of it is that. Some is definitely cheeky behavior. And I've been trying to be VERY consistent with the time out. If only they hadn't removed his impulse control? Maybe then we wouldn't have to play the TO game every other minute?! I also notice that when he's trying to focus...like while he's playing his iPad for instance...he always ALWAYS needs something in his mouth. He'll chew his fingers and sleeves if I don't give him a T. And he usually drools like crazy during those times too. At school they find he needs a chewy during Circle Time...and I was thinking maybe the chewing just helps him focus and tune out all the extra noise and sound clutter?

But really...IDK. Neither do they. A study would help! But somehow I think it will always be one of those mysteries...


I've been thinking about this A LOT recently...hence the lengthy response. Lucky you! ;)


JSmith5780 said...

Back to school means "vacation" for Mommy!

Anonymous said...

I love, so much, Henry's time at pre-school :)

And he always dribbles when he's concentrating.
And chews everything, esp his blankie (kee-kee). Not so much biting though it does happen sometimes.

I too have to remind myself not to get annoyed when he says the same thing over and over and over...just think back to when he said nothing. Only human to feel the start of annoyance though, kt :)