Does it sound indulgent if I cop to thinking Bristel is the cutest little girl ever?

Especially when she's swallowed up by my pink knitted winter hat.  So she has something to remind her of me while she's at school.  Which was her explanation for stealing it. 


All on his own Toby noticed how hard I was working out and brought me a refreshing glass of water.  His words.


Do you know what you're doing?!

Bristel asks (in a highly suspicious tone) while observing me make dinner the other day.


My nostrils are assaulted with the unmistakeably tangy scent of pickles upon entering the kitchen.

There stands Tobin.  Fist full of green.  Dripping juice on the floor.  And he's grinning from ear to ear.

What?  I like pickles.

His answer to my unspoken question.


It's anybody's guess why, but Trevy hates when I keep my hand in the water flow during bath time.  I do it because we have an older home with an unpredictable hot water heater.  He doesn't care.  Which is why we were having a power struggle over said issue.  

Trevy pushed my hand outta the way and emphatically said, "NO!"  

I put my hand back in place and responded, "Yes" 

He paused a minute before pushing my hand again this time crying, "I seh (said) NO!"  

A three word sentence!  Whoo hoo!  Cheeky though it may be...I couldn't help smiling.  While keeping my hand in place, of course. 


Toby threw the following note scribbled on the torn out page of a coloring book down the stairs around 9:30 last night:

I am 
can not go to bed!  I have 
tried hard belive me.  I did go 
in Bri's bed and I regret ever doing that. 

(He will sneak into bed with Bristel when he's scared...but he twists her hair into knots that have to cut out! So obviously this is NOT acceptable! We find it quite funny-cute that he tattled on himself.)  

Please help me in any way you can.  Love Toby 


For the life of me I couldn't find Trevy's other shoe. I finally gave up, grabbed a different pair & plopped him on the couch to put them on. 


When what do I behold?! 


The lost shoe was ON HIS FOOT!!! 


Miss. ABA will be VERY proud when I share this one with her! They've been working the "shoes on/off" skill for a month now...


Kristen said...

Your randomness gave me a good chuckle tonight :)

MJStump said...

I love these posts! They make me smile, and even laugh out loud :)

Way to go Trevy for the 3 word sentence, and putting on the missing shoe!