like a stray human (a picture marathon)

If yesterday was a breeze...

and it truly was.  Our first tear free hook-up.  Lots of snuggles and cuddles and iPad fun together.  Enough pictures for an ample Picture Marathon.  Once my extra Pisca space purchase is completed.   

And if yesterday was a breeze. 

Today was the complete OPPOSITE! 

There was screaming...and throwing.  I had no idea hashbrowns could make such a mess. 

There was jumping and hitting.  Listen...mommy has issues with heights.  Hence banging on our sixth story double paned window is expressly prohibited. 

There was biting and spitting.  I swear if you blow another raspberry at me I'm spanking your tongue, kid!  

And pulling of the rainbow pony tail.  Which is connected to all those little electrical conductors on his head.  And happen to be very easy to disconnect when their rainbow pony tail is fiercely tugged on.  Disconnection means a longer stay.  So keep your grubby mitts off the rainbow, Trevy!  

And the fun persisted during the 30 minute car ride home. 

Although it was less anger management needed aggression.  And more slappy silly.  Yet still involving lots of screaming.  To which Toby (who spent today with us) finally said,

Trev, you're acting like a stray human!  


This go was definitely easier on the front end.  But perhaps rougher on the back.  

But he sure does look cute.  



Holli said...

You got some great ones this time...LOVE the raspberry ones. Austin's been doing that A LOT lately. It's how I know he's awake lol!

I know you're so relieved that is behind you now. Hope you're getting some recovery time in.

By the way, been meaning to say thanks. For all your support and advice. It helps. A lot.


Sinead said...

Glad you all survived

Anonymous said...

hehe - stray human! Toby is so bright! Barbara