looks who's talking

Just a few random Trevor miracle moments for your Sunday evening enjoyment... 

He's recently taken to a super adorable and dramatically extended "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" while feeding himself pudding

"duh en" (the end) when closing a book 

A very clear "I kick" when told NOT to kick during church

"I poop"  and indeed he had.  Not in or anywhere near the potty, mind you.  But saying so is a step in the right direction.  

"ch...ch....ch..." processing and remove the binkie pause "chhhhhhuuuuhch" (church) right smack in the middle of a Chris Tomlin worship song. 

Perfectly articulated "dad"

And when said dad took too long to respond... "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!" 

Trevy's out-patient Speech Therapist has been giving us homework.  She maintains that while her once weekly hour long sessions with him are important...working at home is equally so.  A specific project is "back chaining".  Or having him say the last sound of a word first.  After that sound is mastered encouraging him to say the word as a whole.  This is a method used with children who have oral motor planning trouble.   






Real life Trevy Example: 

Me - say EEEEE

Trevy -  EEEEEE

Me - say EEEEE

Trevy - EEEEEE

Me - say Mom-EEEEE

Trevy -  Saaah-duh (Sarah)

Which coincidentally is the name of Miss. Outpatient Speech!  I found it hilariously cheeky that he was able to link our at home practice directly back to her!  

And while he has yet to successfully say "mommy"...he has taken to calling me "mom-mom".  Which ,I think, sounds awfully grown up. 


Liz said...

Love it!

joanne foltz said...

thanks for the updates on his speech. it is so encouraging . . . even though i wish I could hear it myself!! Love, Bibi