positive thinking gets you nowhere but sick!


It's not like I was trying to be all positive thinking.  Cause Lord knows...that's a whole other post.  Hint - I am not into positive thinking! 

But I am into having a little fun every now and then. 

Which is really what I was trying to do. Have a little fun.  

A daily love post during the Month of Love seemed appropriate.  Plus, counting your blessings never hurt anyone.  Or so I thought...   

No sooner had I clicked publish on my first love post...than Bristel's being diagnosed with pneumonia.  

But I was not to be deterred!  It was just Bristel.  And she recovered quickly.  No need to stop the love.  

Until the rest of us were systematically taken down by pneumonia too.  It's rare for me to be unable to muster energy to check my emails.  That's how sick I was.  If you sent me an email that went unresponded to.  Now you know why. 

Just as I was beginning to feel myself.  And take up my love post crusade again.   


Trevy's puking on Friday.  

Toby's aching on Saturday.  

I'm shivering again and wearing a fever MUCH too high for an adult on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday too!  Only today am I starting to feel my energy perk a bit.  A teensy weensy bit.   

Just in time for Bristel to be down with the shivers.  

I swear it's the virus from you know where!  

And while I can't be sure it's a curse on my attempt at happy thoughts...

I'm sure not willing to take any more chances!  Besides right about now...there's nothing I'm loving about February anyway! 


Jacob's Mommy said...

Pneumonia #4 here...I feel your pain.

KC's Mama said...

Oh my. That does sound like a rough February. KC has pnemonia also, but he is just one kid, and so far the two adults in the house have gotten off unscathed. Sorry you guys haven't been so lucky : ( I hope things pick up again soon!


Anonymous said...

Sod the love I say, all energy focused on getting healthy now :)

Surely you've had your share of germs for the whole year now, let's hope.

kt :)