thanks, jerk

I just want to express a deep, heartfelt thank you to the jerk who let his dog take a ginormous dump at the local preschool playground.  Trevy's preschool.   

Causing the administration to make the decision to padlock one (of only two) community areas where I can (safely and sanely) take Trevy to enjoy the out of doors.  

There are two play areas in our community that are Trevy friendly.  Another park exists, but as it's both un-fenced and a mommy of a child with zero saftey awareness's nightmare.  Think zipline.  High climbing areas with several unprotected places to fall from.  And a walking track immediately beside the playground where a chasing who know's what Trevor has more than once almost become a casualty of a zooming inline skater or bicyclist.  We don't really go there for fun.  It's not healthy for his remaining hemisphere or mommy & daddy's BP.  We only go there when Toby has a game or practice.  And to be honest, it's becoming more and more challenging to bring Trevy with.  Which is why we have always enjoyed using the preschool playgrounds for fun romping.  With their Mommy Doesn't Need to Wear Her Sneaks fences.  And If He Falls From There He Won't Break the Other Half of His Brain slides.  

But now...the one within walking distance is now padlocked and unavailable to us. 

So yeah.

Thanks, jerk


Margo said...

That is so frustrating!
Is there anyone at the preschool you can appeal to? Flash your own dimple and beautiful curly headed boy?
Worth a try...
Just on morething on your long list of "todos"

Wendi Taylor said...

I guess teaching him to climb the fence would be counter-productive? Kidding, kidding... :-)

happy's mommy said...

M...I'm sure I could talk the school into a different set up. It's just finding the energy to talk to the school about a different set up. ")

Wendi...you successfully made me laugh! Cute...


blogzilly said...

Apparently you had not one but two assholes making a stink for everybody in this story.


Thanks...I'm here all week.