thanks, not jerks

You guys are too much.  

With all your cyber love & support.  

Maybe it'll sound silly.  Or weird.  That it means so much.  

But it does.  

Thank you for letting me have my pity-party sap fests.  

Thank you for loving me when I'm Hopeful and Optimistic.  

And when I'm not. 

Thank you for celebrating his miracle moments with me.  Especially those of you who have so much more to sap about than me.   
And thank you for helping me pick up the shattered pieces of my heart when the not-so-miraculous crashes down again.  

As weird as it may sound.  I am so connected with you guys.  Not just the seizure parents.  But everyone who has been captivated by Trevy's story and hangs out with us here.  In our little slice of cyber-ville. 

Because those of you that care enough to read my blather.  And not just read but respond too.  In the various ways that you do.  I hope you guys know that you're part of our journey.  Your words and support work to shape my heart too.  And the Shaping that is taking place in me...flows directly to him.  Which makes you part of his miracle too.  

Team Trevy.  

Because even with all the sap and seizures and sadness...

My heart still screams...  

My God, Trevy, you are amazing!

And it feels really really great when he does something amazing (every new thing he does is a miracle) knowing that I am part of that.  Because I am pouring myself into him as best I can.  Just like you pour yourself into me.  And him.  With your words.  Your prayers.  Your warm thoughts.  Your love.  I hope it feels really good knowing you are too.  A part of the Trevy miracle.   

Now stop distracting me already!  It's errand day!  Which means , Sweet Glory, I can go shower without the threat of a child walking in on me!  I can get dressed without my daughter trying to be my fashion consultant (although she already told me which jeans to wear) or stealing my eye-shadow.  I can blare the music as loud as I want on my way from here to there!  And I can let the water works flow freely (without worrying one of my offspring) when that song bubbles my sappy from my core to my tear ducts.  Miracles and mountains.  That is life with Trevy. 


Holli said...

Team Trevy. I like that. ;)

And you are as much a part of our lives as we are of yours.

Go Team Trevy!

another mother said...

I love reading about Trevy. And I love your honesty. I'm not a seizure mommy so I won't pretend to understand all that goes with the seizure part of it (although I can pray for you and feel empathy for you), but what I can understand is the mommy part of it. Becoming a mother switches on something that God places inside of you that makes you into a crazy person at times. You will do anything within your power to help your children. And then something shows up that you cannot fix and everything in you rebels against that thought. So I may not always be able to completely understand what you are going through, but I definitely get the mommy part of it all. And on top of it all Trevy is just so stinkin cute . . . he's a miracle there's no doubt about it.

blogzilly said...

Aw, shucks...

And look at you, you're like a Bloggernator...a posting cyborg from the future, I can barely keep up.

happy's mommy said...

Bloggernator...that's funny.