out with the purple - in with the blue

That's right.  

I'm putting the purple away and pulling out the blue.

Because I've been smitten with Aidan.   

Click here and I bet you will be too!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the repost. Blue Day turned out to be pretty cool. I'm totally not stalking you and I know how very busy you are, just wondering if you got my email, because I think you're fabulous.

happy's mommy said...

Email? What email? Somehow I missed it!

We wore blue for you guys! I just didn't get to snap a pic...both cameras needed new batteries.

And I know we just met n' stuff. But sometimes...you just know you're meeting a friend. That's exactly how I felt reading through your blog. Actually, I raved so much that the hubster read a few posts too...and you made him laugh. Out loud. :)


Kristen said...

I LOVE Aidan!! Glad you two connected. Heather is a truely remarkable Mom just like you.